Carmel Streams is a ministry located on Mount Carmel, Israel. Our vision is a bridging between the nations and the Land of Israel. Our main goal is to establish and strengthen unity between the messianic believers in Yeshua in Israel and the Body of Messiah in the nations. We are seeking to build the bridges of unity, friendship, and prayer. One of the primary methods of accomplishing this purpose is to conduct seminars, conferences and small group studies focused on God’s plan for the nation of Israel.


On our seminars and conferences we are presenting such topics as:

  • The Restoration of the Modern Day State of Israel and Its Significance for the Church
    One New Man
    The Roots of the Replacement Theology
    Israel in the New Testament – Romans 9-11
    God’s Covenants
    The Gospel of the Kingdom
    An Overview of the Biblical Jewish Feasts


If you would like for Andrey to speak to a group, please contact us at